Monday, March 14, 2011

Vinyl Name

I went to the thrift store and picked up frames in different sizes, not worrying if they were a little beat up.    I call that distressed!  Remove the framing points (the metal tabs that hold the picture in).  Paint the frames with spray paint and rough them up a little with sand paper.  Don't go overboard- think about where the wear would actually happen naturally.

You can use the glass that came with the frames or go to a glass shop and get a specialty glass like I did. Mine has little bubbles throughout the glass.  It is cheaper to cut it yourself or you can have them cut it to the sizes you need.  

Put different sizes of letters in different fonts on each piece of glass.  

Use hot glue to glue the glass in place.  Because it is see-through you don't want to see what is holding the glass in, hence the removal of the framing points.  

Hang on the wall.  This is actually the only time I like when the frames are crooked!

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