Thursday, March 17, 2011

For the Home


Flower Bouquet Shirt

I absolutely love this shirt by Disney at Ruffles and Stuff. 

Here are a few hints:
Before you sew on the flowers pin them on and make sure they are where you want them.  I switched the flowers up a bit on mine bc it just looked better.  Plus you don't want a flower right on your...you know!

Travel Souvenirs

 When we travel I always want a souvenir but I don't want something that will clutter up my house.
That is why this is under "organize".  I came up with this solution using pictures in the 1/2 bath downstairs.  We will display 1 picture from each trip we take that really captures where we were.

I could have built this a frame at a time but I was afraid it wouldn't look as intentional as I wanted it to.
After a few trips to the thrift store to collect all of the frames, I painted them all with the same spray paint.  

Trace all of your frames on paper and mark where the nail should go with a dot on the paper.  Label the paper and back of the frame so you know which frame goes with which paper.

Cut the traced frames out and tape the papers up on the wall until you get them where you want them.  Pay attention to anything that may hit the frames like a doorknob.

Put a nail through the mark you made for the nail on the paper.  Remove the paper and hang the frame.

Use a combination of black and white & colored photos for interest.  Fill any picture-less frame with patterned paper or images.  I used vintage suitcases in 50% transparency so they wouldn't draw too much attention away from the trip pictures.

(I have this thing against pictures of people in the bathroom- I feel like "someone's watching you"!  But if their back is turned I am OK with it.)
On the other wall I hung this shadow box.  We will fill it with small things we pick up when we travel.  i.e. a shell or a little bottle of sand from the beach.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Jack and Jill Bathroom

How do you decorate a bathroom for a girl and a boy?  Split it half!

Paint the walls a gender neutral color.  I choose a pale green.  Be careful not to go too bold in a bathroom because the color will affect your own coloring when you look in the mirror.

I painted "grass" on the bottom of the walls to go with the flower/transportation theme.  I mixed a little acrylic craft paint into latex base paint with no pigment.  I started with a light color then layered a medium and a darker color over to give it a little depth.

I made a flower hair clip holder for above the toilet paper holder using an old frame and some ribbon. 

The street is a strip of black vinyl with small strips of white vinyl on top. 
I got these street signs 2/ $1.00 in the dollar section at Target.

The paint for the shelf and flower board are the same color as the wall only darker.

Transportation Room

I am not a huge fan of curtains (drapes, yes).  I purchased old license plates off ebay and hung them with sewing needles over his two windows.

I had this old clock from the 90's.  A little paint and vinyl latter...it's perfect!

This quilt is really special.  About 1/2 of the front was made from old shirts from Sterling's Dad and Grandpa's.  The back is made of old jeans from his Mom, Grandma's, and Uncle.
The back of the quilt has all of the seams exposed just like this chair.

I took holey jeans and made a slip cover for this old chair I got at a thrift store for $7.00!  Making slipcovers was a bit more tricky then I thought- but TOTALLY worth it!

Vinyl Name

I went to the thrift store and picked up frames in different sizes, not worrying if they were a little beat up.    I call that distressed!  Remove the framing points (the metal tabs that hold the picture in).  Paint the frames with spray paint and rough them up a little with sand paper.  Don't go overboard- think about where the wear would actually happen naturally.

You can use the glass that came with the frames or go to a glass shop and get a specialty glass like I did. Mine has little bubbles throughout the glass.  It is cheaper to cut it yourself or you can have them cut it to the sizes you need.  

Put different sizes of letters in different fonts on each piece of glass.  

Use hot glue to glue the glass in place.  Because it is see-through you don't want to see what is holding the glass in, hence the removal of the framing points.  

Hang on the wall.  This is actually the only time I like when the frames are crooked!

A Little Magic

I purchased the vinyl and put it up on the wall but I thought it needed a little something extra. 

 I painted the "magic" as my daughter calls it, by using a stencil.  It is the Disney Princess Paint Stencil from the Home Collection.  I had to do the stars in sections because I didn't want the hearts or flowers.

I purchased metallic silver acrylic paint at the craft store.
 I used scrap-booking rhinestones in the center of a few stars.

My hope is that she will not out grow this.  After all, who doesn't want to believe in the Fairy Tale?

Monogrammed Toilet

I have a small 1/2 Bath off my kitchen that is decorated in Black and White.  I love the monogrammed toilet.  I cut the "M" out of black vinyl on my cricut.  It was so easy but adds a lot!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dress up a T-shirt

There are so many ways to dress up a plain T-Shirt!

This was a plain shirt I picked up for $1.50.

I used a white T-Shirt that we got for free at some event for the fabric to make the flowers.  Jersey is an easy fabric to use because it will not fray.

I took a three inch strip and cut a 2" slit every inch.  Sew a basting stitch along the edge and gather.  
Sew onto the neckline of your T-Shirt.  

For the flower on the left I took a 2" strip and tied one end in a knot.  Then twist the fabric as you wind it around the knot.  Secure on the backside with thread.  

For the flower on the right, cut out a 5" circle.  Baste around the edge and gather.  Tie the basting threads in a knot to secure.  Flatten the flower so the gathers make the center of the flower.  Cut 3 one inch circles and fold them in half twice.  Sew these to cover up the raw edges in the center of the flower.  

Sew them on your shirt.

Adjustable Skirt

I am a huge discount shopper and can't go into a store with out a quick run through the clearance section.  I found this size 18 skirt at Justice for $3.00.  My daughter wears a 6.

I unpicked a 2 inch section of the waistband and put a button hole the width of the elastic in the inside waistband layer.  Then I pulled the elastic out and sewed it together so it would fit.  Thread the doubled over elastic through the button hole.  Re-sew the waistband.

 Now when she gets bigger, I can unpick the elastic and re-sew it without opening up the waistband again.
I like the option of making it bigger bc I only have 1 girl!

Reusable Shopping Bags

Have you ever gotten one of these not so cute but functional bags?  Why not make it cute?
No offense Eagle Mountain, but my husband is on city council in a neighboring city :)

These flowers are so easy.  Tear a 1-2 inch strip of fabric off a 45 inch width fabric.  The wider the bigger the flower.  Run a basting stitch 1/4" from one edge.
Gather, then tie off the basting stitches on each end so the ruffle will hold.  Spiral the strip around and secure with a few stitches on the back.

I attached the flowers to the bag using a yarn needle and ribbon through the center of the flower.  I did use a bit of fabric glue to make sure the flowers fully covered up the logo.