Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Tree

Halloween Tree

This spooky tree is one of my favorite Halloween decorations.  I love how the purple lights fill the room and how it looks from the outside

Side view

It is a dead dwarf peach tree that we cut down.  The first thing we did was to cut off some of the branches so it would fit through the front door.  This also allows the tree to go up against a wall so it doesn't take up the entire room.  The width of the tree is about 3x the depth.

Put the dead tree in a Christmas tree stand.  
I covered the stand with a yard of black fabric, then a string of lights, followed by 2 yards of grey cheesecloth type fabric.

I tied strips of black tulle.

I picked up some large and small clear glass and orange flocked ornaments after Christmas for 90% off.
The small clear glass ornaments are filled with purple foil shreds found in the gift wrap section of the dollar store.

Fill the large with spiders and webs.

Shop for anything that you think would add to your tree.  These are some examples of what I used.

 Bats                                                 Crows

                                                 Skulls                             Styrofoam Manacles & Chains

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